Lowel 3 Light Kit

2x 500W Omnis and 1x 750W Tota with gel frames and umbrellas


The versatile and light-weight Lowel kits are the workhorse of video production crews. Barndoors and gel frames let you put the right kind of light where you want it. Optional items include cookaloris and chimera softbox. Kit includes two 420W Omnis and one 750W Tota.

Qty Item Description
1 Lowel 750W Tota Light Light with stand and power cable
2 Lowel 500W Omni Light Light with stand, barndoors, and power cable
1 Mopac media Gel Roll 20 Gels of varying grades, including Diffusion, CTB, and ND
1 Lowel Diffusion Umbrella White diffusion material
2 Lowel Gel Frame Holds gels at a safe distance from light
1 Lowel Silver Umbrella Silver reflective material
1 Lowel Scrim Set Single scrims (can include diffusion, gobo, and half scrims)
1 Lowel Case with 3 lamp spares lowel three 500 watt Omni's


  • (2) 420W Omnis
  • (1) 740W Tota
  • (3) Light stands
  • (2) Gel frames
  • (2) Umbrellas
  • Gels and diffusion
  • Carry case
  • Spare bulbs for each lamp (bring back any burned-out bulbs)
  • C-47s