Lowel 750W Tota Light

Light with stand and power cable


Lots of light for not much power, this light is good for setting base light in a room, stage lighting, soft box. Comes with stand. Can be bulbed for 1KW if needed. Great for use with a Chimera softbox.

Qty Item Description
1 Lowel 750W Tota Open face light
1 Lowel Power cord for Omni/Tota/Rifa 20' power cord with inline switch
1 Lowel Gel Frame Holds gels at a safe distance from light
1 Lowel Light Stand 3' to 9' stand

To attach an umbrella bounce, look for a small opening in the front of the light near the base you attach to the stand, shaped a bit like a lowercase “b”. The umbrella stem goes into the round hole of the “b” and can be secured by tightening the black knob above it.

To attach gels to the light, use one of the gel frames provided and stick the leg in the stem part of the “b” and again tighten using the black knob.
You may then clip gels to the frame using the clips attached or C47s.