Matthews C Stand

4' to 10' Cstand with 40" arm


A must-have on any set, these versatile stands do more than just look cool. They hold lights, sound blankets, flags/nets/silks, microphones, boom poles (with fishpole holder only please), signs, cameras, props, umbrellas, overhead butterfly screens, even coffee cups. They can prop things open, prop thing closed, build a blanket fort, and fix a toilet…. Well, that’s stretching it, but the arms on these stands with grip heads can hold darn near anything you can think of (within reason). They’re inexpensive to rent, C-Stands can be your best friend on set.

C Stands, chrome or black, with 40 inch arms and happy heads (yes, Matthews calls ’em happy heads). All our C-Stands come with Rocky-Mountain legs so they can work on stairs, on hills, and in tight spaces (see the photos for an example of this versatile leg in action).

What’s the “C” stand for? “Century,” of course, duh. What’s “Century” stand for? Um, 100? Uh … Look! A bird just flew by!

When tightening the grip heads, it’s best practice to tighten such that the arm will fall in the direction that further tightens the head. This is difficult to describe in words, but next time you tighten a grip head, examine it closely and notice that you can always orient the arm such that the weight on the arm will cause the head to either loosen (not what you want to have happen) or tighten (exactly what you want to have happen). This is a very good safety tip that if you master it, will place you in the realm of the experienced and desirable-to-have-on-set grips.