Apple MacBook Pro 17"

2.66GHz w/8GB RAM, FCS3 and CS5


Take this mobile editing powerhouse to your favorite coffee shop to work on your next short or even feature-length movie. Edit in HD with the high resolution 1920×1200 screen. Battery life is 6 hours if you turn the screen brightness down and don’t engage the second video processor. But when you need to rip through a render process, crank up the second video GPU and watch the battery drain as your clips render away. (Power supply is included, so don’t worry.)

This model has a 128GB SSD (solid state) hard drive with 8GB of RAM, so application launch is speedy and you can have several memory-hungry apps running at the same time. Perfect for motion graphics with After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro all running at the same time.

  • Intel 2.66GHz core 2 duo processor
  • Two video GPU processors
  • Final Cut Studio 3 (Final Cut Pro 7)
  • Adobe CS5 Production Suite
  • 128GB SSD internal drive
  • FW800 interface
  • HD screen (1920×1200)