Beachtek DXA-5Da w/ 2 Wireless Mics

DSLR XLR Adapter and E835 Mics


Our Beachtek DXA-5DA package allows you to record, mix, and monitor audio from 2 XLR inputs and output it to a 3.5mm stereo signal to go into your DSLR camera. This addresses some of the limitations of recording audio into DSLR cameras, including a lack of XLR inputs and a headphone jack on most models. The DXA-5DA mixer features a 3.5mm stereo headphone output jack as well as an LCD screen for visual monitoring.

The package also includes two wireless handheld microphones with transmitters and receivers, but you can rent the mixer on it’s own and add on different types of microphones if needed. For example you could get the mixer with two wireless lavalier microphones, or a wired shotgun mic plus wireless lavalier. We are happy to help you figure out a setup according to your needs!

Please note this unit does NOT supply phantom power and only allows you to monitor while recording. If your camera does not have a headphone out jack then you will NOT be able to monitor audio on playback of already-recorded video files through the mixer.

Package includes the following:

1 x Beachtek DXA-5DA Passive XLR adapter for DSLR Camcorders

2 x Sennheiser E835 Handheld Dynamic Mics

2 x Sennheiser G2 Receivers

2 x EW100 Transmitters

2 x CL100 XLR to 3.5mm cables

1 × 3.5mm stereo cable to send audio from the mixer to your camera

*CAMERA NOT INCLUDED but we can add one on for ya, just ask!

Qty Item Description
2 Sennheiser SKP100 EW100 Plug-in Transmitter for Use with Wireless Receiver
2 Sennheiser CL100 Male XLR to 1/8" cable
2 Sennheiser G2 Receiver Wireless Receiver
1 Generic 1/8" to 1/8" mini-to-mini male cable
1 Beachtek DXA-5Da 2-Channel XLR Adapter with Monitoring for DSLR Cameras
2 Sennheiser E835 Dynamic microphone
1 Rycote Hotshoe Extension Attach multiple devices to camera hotshoe