Arri 3 Light Kit with Softbox

650W Fresnel, 300W Fresnel, 150W Fresnel, Speedring, and Chimera Softbox


This is a very versatile lighting package — portable, rugged and with plenty of power for most lighting needs. 650W, 300W and 150W with stands, gels, scrims and replacement bulbs. The fresnel lens lights with barndoors allow you to put the light where you need it and leave only shadows behind. The softbox goes on the 650W light, comes with a variety of diffusion materials and is easy to assemble.

Qty Item Description
1 Mopac media Gel Roll 20 Gels of varying grades, including Diffusion, CTB, and ND
1 Chimera Arri 650 Fresnel Speed Ring designed for Arri 650 Fresnel
1 Chimera Small Softbox Package 2' x 3' Softbox with 1/4 and Full Stop Diffusion Panels
1 Arri 150W Fresnel (Lensed) Light 150W lensed light with stand, scrims and barndoors
1 Arri Scrim Set Single and double scrims for Arri lights
1 Arri 650W Fresnel (Lensed) Light 650W lensed light with barndoors, scrim and stand
1 Arri 300W Fresnel (Lensed) Light 300W lensed light with stand, scrims and barndoors
1 Arri Arri Replacement Bulbs


  • 650W fresnel light w/stand
  • 300W fresnel light w/stand
  • 150W fresnel light w/stand
  • Chimera softbox and speedring
  • Scrims for each light
  • Gels (CTO, CTB, diffusion and party colors)
  • Spare bulbs
  • Carry case