Telmax Pro-iP Teleprompter for iPad

60/40 glass (doesn't include iPad)


- Lightweight prosumer teleprompter
- Durable metal frame construction
- Works with most cameras, lenses, and tripods
- Readable up to 12 feet

The Telmax Pro-iP is a small and lightweight prosumer teleprompter designed for use with an iPad (iPad not included). It features a lightweight metal frame, rubberized iPad cradle, 2-way mirror enclosure with attached hood, and all the required mounting hardware for a tripod and camera (tripod and camera not included).

The mounting sled allows you to slide the camera forward or backward and the glass enclosure is also easily adjusted, making this teleprompter compatible with most camera models.

You will need to use a teleprompter app (available on the app store) to upload your script for use with the Telmax Pro-iP. We suggest doing this and testing out the teleprompter prior to your shoot!