Ikan Teleprompter

70/30 glass and quick set up


The Ikan teleprompter turns your iPad or tablet into a field ready teleprompter! This lightweight and adjustable through the glass teleprompter includes a 15mm rod based camera support system and a quick release plate on which you can mount your camera. Tray for the tablet is adjustable to your tablet size.

Qty Item Description
1 Axler Quick release plate assembly QRA-501S
1 Ikan LBP Base For iKan teleprompter

- Lightweight, adjustable and easy to set up
- High Quality 30/70 Prompter Glass
- Compatible with iPad + teleprompter app (Software and iPad Not Included)
- Tray for the tablet is adjustable to your tablet size
- Includes 15mm Rod Based System
- Quarter inch threads on the bottom for a tripod mount
- Includes quick release plate

Note: You’ll want to use a more heavy-duty tripod with this teleprompter.

The sled for the camera includes a quick release plate for your camera and is mounted on two 15mm rods – you can slide the sled forward closer to the glass if necessary depending on the size of your camera.