Varizoom VZ PG-L

Zoom Controller for Canon, Sony and JVC


The Varizoom is a great little camera function controller for operating a Canon or Sony camera at an event where you want to control the zoom but want to keep your hand on the tripod handle.

Also great for when you can’t really get at the camera controls. Let’s face it, sometimes you want to put the camera in hard to reach places – the varizoom frees you from having to man the camera – you can control the zoom and focus from afar! Control zoom, focus, start/stop from remote. Allows precise control of the zoom speed. Way cool!

  • Zoom W / T
  • Focus + / -
  • Standby (XL1)
  • Rec Start/Stop
  • Variable zoom speed
  • Clamps to tripod handle
  • Extension cable for jib arms
  • Record tally lamp


  • Varizoom
  • Carry Bag
  • Extension Cord (for use with Jib Arms)

Practice with the zoom speed control feature. With your index finger wrapped around the speed control and your thumb operating the zoom buttons, you can ramp-up and ramp-down the zoom so that the zoom speeds up at the beginning and then slows down at the end, creating a smooth-as-silk zoom.

The varizoom does not use batteries – it draws its power from the camera. It’s also made here in Austin!