Audio-Technica AT4051a

Mic Cardiod


For tight interiors where echo is a problem, such as bathrooms, kitchens, small offices, foyers, etc. We have two of these mics and an XY holder so that you can create a stereo mic. These mics are top notch for mcing acoustic instruments, voice, drum kits (as overheads) and sound effects.

From the Equipment Emporium website: “Very mellow, smooth response literally reduces audible echo. Very low handling noise; great to use on a boompole. Built-in low cut filter. Ideal for tight two-shots. Moderate working reach around 1.5 to 2.5 feet overhead.”

  • Audio-Technica AT4051a Cardiod Mic
  • Foam windscreen
  • XLR cable

The AT4051 is a cardioid microphone with an optional high pass filter that can be toggled on and off via a switch on the microphone body. It has an XLR output.

This microphone requires phantom power.