Audio-Technica AT815ST

Mic Long Stereo Shotgun


This is an absolutely aswesome mic for sound effects, music, interviews — anytime you want ambient sound it helps to capture it in stereo for the spatial presence which helps the viewer feel “they’re there” in your scene.

I’ve used this mic exclusive in my documentary interviews to give a great sense of space to the track. Very warm with a touch (1db) of bass boost at around 250Hz when the bass filter is selected. Mic has narrow and wide stereo patterns and can be switched to mono (on-axis sound on left channel, side sound on right channel). Requires phantom power – can be ordered with optional zeppelin and shockmount.

  • Audio Technica 835ST short stereo shotgun mic
  • Foam sindscreen
  • Cable splits signal into two XLR connectors.
  • Optional zeppelin, shockmount and fur
  • Optional 25’ stereo XLR cable

Selectable low cutoff filter actually boosts the bass just slightly at the cutoff point, resulting in a nice “warm” tone. The three-position pattern switch selects wide stereo, narrow stereo and mono + sides. The mono + sides is a very nice feature: it turns the mic into a conventional mono shotgun with a separate signal for all sounds coming in from the sides.

This microphone requires phantom power.