10-6 Monday-Friday and 11-4 Saturday.

Productions working with Mopac Media shouldn't hesitate to call for troubleshooting after-hours!

Email if you have an extensive list of gear to request a quote or reservation.

Making an appointment to visit in advance of the production allows you to rig everything and familiarize yourself, to discover any compatibility issues, to update firmware if necessary, to collect any cables or adapters you might need.

We never mind directing filmmakers to local resources that best fit their needs. Various companies in Austin occupy helpful niches. Lighting and grip? Olden Lighting is super central, with gels, gaff tape, lamps...you need them. Higher end gear, lenses, monitors...Omega Broadcast. 2 ton grip truck, a truck mounted crane? MP&E. Call Miscellaneous Rentals for all the things you need for location shooting and yer many events--tents, etc., and highly regarded! Protape will transfer any media to the format you'd like. Texas Media Systems manages lease/purchase of Canon gear, and rent gear. MPS--cinematography equipment, and every year I get an invite to Octoberfest. Why refer you to others? This niche is the fun one; we get to watch people progress.

Primarily working with long-time clients, documentary filmmakers, students...and persons forced at work into 'content creation' which wasn't actually any part of the original job description, Mopac Media also works with cool out-of-towners, and some corporate clients if they are not annoying.

Native Texan (not proud of it, but there it is), and woman-owned (it happens) since 2013, continuously in operation since 1998.

Kevin Triplett started working with local productions and collecting gear to use in a cooperative sort of way in order to assist funding his doc, "Blaze Foley, Duct Tape Messiah". It took a long time, but sometimes that's how long lawyers live and how long music rights take to sort out.


6400 Arnold Drive, Austin, TX 78723


Student discount, 10%. First-time renters: request 15% off. Ask about referral, repeat rental, and documentary project discounts. Would you like Mopac Media to match a rate? Get a quote for the time period including pick up and return date--and time--with exact gear including all accessories.
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