DJI Ronin

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer


Rent the DJI Ronin and up your production value! The Ronin is a handheld gimbal stabilizer that self-adjusts, allowing you to balance professional video camera rigs of up to 16 lbs!

Our package includes a remote control which allows a second operator to pan/tilt as well as the Ronin TC-1 thumb-controller for one-woman/man camera operation. Also includes balancing stand, lens support, lens extension rods, two Ronin smart batteries and charger.

Qty Item Description
1 DJI Base Plate For camera
1 DJI Camera Screws 2x 1/4" and 2x 3/8" to go with base plate
1 DJI Handle Bar Customizable
1 DJI Lens Support with 1 screw
2 DJI Lens Extension Rods For extension accessories
1 DJI Plug Adapters SAA & BS Adapters
1 DJI Remote Control Controls Gimbal
2 DJI Ronin Quick Release Mount For Top Bar
1 DJI Tuning Stand For suspending the gimbal
2 DJI Smart Battery Power Source for Ronin
1 DJI Battery Charger 110-240V
1 DJI Ronin User Manual
1 DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer
1 DJI TC1 Thumb Controller Package For use with Ronin