Manfrotto 558B MonoPod

Good for stable run-and-gun shooting


Believe it or not, this makes a quick steady-cam if you attach an ankle weight to the bottom and extend the leg until the weighted bottom counter-balances the weight of the camera. Faster to setup and get good shots than a full-blown steadicam or glidecam device. It won’t be as smooth as the others, but it’s much easier and quicker to master.

Also used as you’d expect for run-and-gun shooting in place of a tripod. Lean against a column or wall to get even more steady shots, especially when zooming in on a subject.

Attach an ankle weight, one of the kinds that has velcro straps, to the bottom of the monopod and then extend the leg until it just balances the camera weight. Now you’re set to shoot like a steadicam operator (almost). Not quite as smooth but good enough and better than hand-held.

When using it as a traditional monopod, use a wall or any upright object to get even more stable, especially when zooming in on your subject. A friend can substitute for an upright object but not as good, since they’re liable to move on you!