Manfrotto Tripod (Ethan)

Small Tripod with small Manfrotto Head/Legs


Ethan is a great tripod when you need static shots. It’s a fluid head, but doesn’t have a sliding tripod plate like our other tripods. So if you’re using a DSLR (or any camera that is front-heavy), the tripod will tend to dip forward because there’s no way to balance the camera front-to-back.

If that description doesn’t sense, here’s the bottom line: with a DSLR, you’ll have to lock down the tilt control.

Qty Item Description
1 Manfrotto 128RC Tripod Head
1 Manfrotto 3021BN Small tripod legs, 3 sections
1 Manfrotto Tripod Plate for 128 RC Tripod Plate for 128 RC (Ethan)