Panasonic HVX200 Camera Package

Solid State HD (1080i) Camcorder


Comes with two 16GB P2 cards (1 GB per minute at 1080 24p or 720p 60fps, 2 GB per minute at 720 24p).

(This camera is sometimes popular with folks shooting green screen. Otherwise, more recent cameras offer the convenience of using SD cards, a bit less cumbersome workflow for you if P2 cards will be new to you, possibly.)

The HVX200 offers multiple HD and SD modes and a range of frame rates: 480i (SD) and 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p 720/24pA and 1080/60i (HD) modes plus 12/18/20/22/24/26/30/32/36/48/60 fps make this an ideal camera for beautiful slow motion effects.

Qty Item Description
1 Panasonic DE-A20B Charger for Panasonic batteries plus camera supply
1 Panasonic HVX200 Professional HD camcorder
3 Panasonic Battery CGA-D54 type
1 Panasonic DVX/HVX Power Adapter Connects charger to camera
2 Panasonic 16GB P2 Card 16GB solid state memory card

Specifications can be found at Panasonic’s website.