Sony PXW-X70 Package

4K Capable

Qty Item Description
1 Sony PXW-X70 Remote
1 Sony PXW-X70 XLR Handle
1 Sony PXW-X70 PXW-X70 Body
1 Sony PXW-X70 AC Adapter
1 Sony PXW-X70 Lens Hood
1 Sony PXW-X70 Lens cap
2 Sandisk 32 GB SDHC 95 MB/s Class 10
1 Sony ECM-NV1 Microphone This shotgun microphone features a directional polar pattern, minimizing off-axis noise and providing a focused pick up. The 3-pin XLR connector attaches to the microphone input of the camcorder.
2 Sony PXW-X70 Batteries
1 Sony Battery Charger for the X70