Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Package

Shoots raw and ProResHQ.


NO HDMI PORT——no external monitoring**
(So Blackmgic does some very cool things, but then on the other hand, maybe they need to hire a different engineering team. Some may recall the first camera vented on the bottom and if someone forgot to turn it off before setting it down, it overheated…the Pocket Cinema Camera’s weakness is the HDMI port breaks off. The Wooden cage was not effective as a rentalhouse type guarantee against the port weakness since we didn’t manage to keep everything just so including keeping in place the specially shrimp-sized, never to be touched hdmi cable on the package and a few uses out, the hdmi port fell inside the camera. Blackmagic will sell one a used Blackmagic PC camera rather than the part…it’s one welded board, really. We’re not so impressed with Blackmagic that we are in a hurry to buy a used one, so, this will not export to a monitor. It shoots fine and the hdmi tail isn’t rattling around inside the body; we’ve extracted that.) :/