Canon XA10 Camera Package


Rent the Canon XA10 camera for your next commercial or indie production!

This compact camcorder is perfect for run and gun shoots or any situation where size and mobility matter. However don’t let the size fool you – It shoots in full 1080p HD using the AVCHD codec and includes two XLR inputs on a detachable handle for external audio, as well as an internal microphone and headphone jack for monitoring.

Use the XA10’s internal 64GB flash drive for recording, or use the two SDXC-compatible card slots which allow the option of simultaneous recording so that you automatically have a backup copy of all your footage.

Operate the camera using a 3.5" touch panel LCD screen for easy navigation of menu and settings. Use the waveform monitor, peaking, and Zebra to assist you during shooting. This camera also has HDMI output and USB connectivity.

ALSO the XA10 features Infrared Mode which allows you to capture video in conditions with little or no ambient light. Pretty neat!

Qty Item Description
1 Canon XA10 Remote
1 Canon XA10 Microphone Holder/Handle Unit
2 Canon XA10 Battery
1 Canon XA10 Lens Hood
1 Canon XA10 Power Adapter
1 Sandisk 32 GB SDHC 95 MB/s Class 10
1 Canon XA10 Lens Cap
0 Sony ECM-NV1 Microphone This shotgun microphone features a directional polar pattern, minimizing off-axis noise and providing a focused pick up. The 3-pin XLR connector attaches to the microphone input of the camcorder.
1 Wasabi Power LCH-BP808 Battery Charger for Canon XA10
1 Canon XA10