Tiffen 72mm Soft Contrast 1

72mm Screw-On Soft and Contrast


Softens the image and diminishes highlights while retaining the darker look of the shadows, hence a reduction in contrast. Although the Soft Contrast filter is a neutral gray, do not compensate for exposure. This is also a great tool for taking the harsh edge off digital video. Fits the 72mm filter size for the XL1, XL1s, XL2 and DVX100 and DVX100a.

Works great for glare from shiny surfaces, you can reduce the amount of glare to produce a deeper color saturation. You can also use it to either reduce reflections in windows or increase the reflection, depending on which you want (eliminate the reflection or enhance the reflection). For the sky, it deepens the blue but works only if the sun is to your left or right — when the sun is in front or behind you, it does nothing.