Matthews Medium Road Rags

24" x 36" Portable Flag, Net and Diffusion Kit


This is the coolest thing from Matthews Studio Equipment! A super compact kit that lets you build a flag and a net, or a net and a silk, or a flag and a silk — the possibilities are endless! Well, not endless, actually there’s only six possibilities, but hey on a film set that’s a lot of possibilities!

The cool part of the system is how the flag frame is assembled: it’s like a tent. If you’ve ever put together a modern tent, it’s a set of lightweight tubes that have a bungee cord going through them. When you line the tubes up so that they can slip into each other, the bungee cord pulls the tubes together and holds them in place. When you’re ready to disassemble them, you just pull the tubes apart and fold them together. It’s really simple and lets the frames fold compactly into a small travel bag.

  • Compact flag set
  • Builds two flags (black, single net, double net, silk)
  • Fast setup
  • Flag size is 24’’ x 36’’
  • Contents
  • Two flag frames
  • Solid black
  • Single net
  • Double net
  • silk (1/2 stop)
  • Carry bag